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1 Day/1 Night Selingan Turtle Island

BT/SDK11: 1 Day/1 Night Selingan Turtle Island

Meet & greet by guide at hotel or airport and transfer to jetty. At 9.30 AM, boat depart to turtle island. It takes about an hour to reach Selingan Island which lies 40km north of Sandakan in the Sulu Sea Off Sabah's east coast. Selingan Island is the main nesting area for the green turtles. A day of relaxation for you to swim or snorkel at the island. After dinner, prepare to wait for the Park Ranger to inform us of sighting of a turtle laying eggs. Learn about the conservation of these turtles; witness the collecting of eggs from nesting site, planting them in the hatchery and see baby turtles scrambling to the open sea upon released on the shore. Overnight stay at the island chalet, room with attach bathroom.